Microsoft Disk Clean-up (Cleanmgr) is Going Away in Windows 10. Try Cleanmgr+

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Cleanmgr+ builds upon the Microsoft Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) by adding additional features.

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Be one of the first to explore new Cleanmgr+ features and download pre-release builds.

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CloneApp backs up Application Settings of Windows programs.


CloneApp UA backs up Application Settings of Universal apps (UWP)

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Here you will find other Projects, such as Classic Shutdown, DDownloads, Xleaner etc.


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1. Portuguese Brazilian Localization file v2.02.1772019-06-20 15:51:13
2. Cleanmgr+ Deutscher Datensatz (German) v1.2.0.6222019-06-20 15:50:49
3. Cleanmgr+ v1.2.1.6622019-06-20 15:50:45
4. Cleanmgr+ Deutscher Datensatz (German) v1.2.0.6222019-06-20 15:50:36
5. Cleanmgr+ v1.2.1.6622019-06-20 15:49:16
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