Backup settings of UWP applications on Windows 10 devices with CloneApp UA

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CloneApp - Localizations
Files: 9

Here you will find language files for the CloneApp UI. These files were contributed by CloneApp Users.

Please note that ONLY the international English and German UI is supported.

Last Update: 28.12.2018
Downloads: 226
Size: 70.53 KB
Last Update: 08.11.2018
Version: 2.05.266
Downloads: 202
Size: 1.56 KB
Last Update: 05.12.2018
Version: 2.07.317
Downloads: 1,320
Size: 1.85 KB
Last Update: 04.10.2018
Version: 2.02.177
Downloads: 798
Size: 1.8 KB
Last Update: 29.10.2018
Version: 2.05.266
Downloads: 977
Size: 1.58 KB
Last Update: 04.10.2018
Version: Latest
Downloads: 1,033
Size: 2.53 KB
Last Update: 04.10.2018
Version: 2.00.134
Downloads: 1,483
Size: 1.56 KB
Last Update: 26.09.2018
Version: Latest
Downloads: 966
Size: 1.41 KB

This is the latest English Localization file Sample on which the CloneApp UI is based.

Last Update: 06.01.2019
Version: 2.09.399
Downloads: 3,103
Size: 1.65 KB

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CloneApp is a free and portable program for Microsoft Windows devices to back up preferences, settings and other data of supported applications. CloneApp is highly customizable and can a be extended via "plug-ins", plain text files which define exactly which files, folders and Registry keys the program should preserve.

It requires Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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