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Add-on S for CloneApp HOT

Automatically download and install the latest external Plug-ins to extend the backup capabilities of CloneApp. E.g. you can download Nirsoft ProduKey to use it in CloneApp and to export a List of Installed programs.


Extract and copy it to the Installation/Root folder of CloneApp.

How-to use

  1. On the left Navigation panel, click on Get List to download the latest Add-ons Signature file.
  2. After retrieving, just select a Category and the Plug-in file you want to Download.
  3. CloneApp will now download and install the external Tool/Plug-in to the CloneApp Plug-ins folder.
Version: 0.7 | Size: 22.66 KB | Downloads: 1,060 | Last Update: 20.01.2019 | MD5 Checksum: d6735d9f99089ba7ee961edb5cb54a4b

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