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[External Plug-in] Windows Network Credentials HOT

Exports a list of all stored network credentials using third party tool NirSoft Network Password Recovery.

How-to Install
1. Download and Extract the Plug-in to the CloneApp Plug-ins directory.
2. Download Add-on S and Extract it to the CloneApp Installation/root directory.

  1. Open Add-on S and refresh the Add-ons Signature list by clicking on Get List
  2. Select the Category Windows Network Credentials and Plug-in NetPass and click Download.

3. Open CloneApp and enable the previously Installed Plug-in Windows Network Credentials to backup.

CloneApp must be run with administrator rights for the Plug-in to run properly.


Version: | Size: 538 B | Downloads: 1,115 | Last Update: 19.01.2019 | MD5 Checksum: 15ac636e8567de22ced3bfdb5068da4d

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