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[External Plug-in] Backup Product Keys HOT

Instead of downloading this plug-in manually, you can also use the Add-on S extension to automatically download and install the latest external Plug-ins for CloneApp.

This Plug-in uses NirSoft ProduKey to retrieve and Backup Product Keys from Microsoft Windows, Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Visual Studio, Adobe, Autodesk and more.

How-to Install
1. Download and Extract the Plug-in to the CloneApp Plug-ins directory.
2. You will find the new Plug-in under the Name Product Keys.

Version: | Size: 41.74 KB | Downloads: 17,233 | Last Update: 19.01.2019 | MD5 Checksum: 4388930b5260932a6eaf9f23e4e2f006

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