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    17 October 2018, 19:20

    I've tried and it delivers what it promises, btw. it looks very very nice, beautiful UI.

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    17 October 2018, 18:47

    I had an idea.  Since "CloneApp works with the Environment Variables of Windows", could I temporarily change the windows environmental variables to an external hard drive (such as "%USERPROFILE% = Y:\Users\{username}" (instead of the default "C:\Users\{username}" in order to use CloneApp to copy user and program data from that external drive "Y", and then, once finished with this process, change the windows  variables back to their default location (e.g.: "%USERPROFILE% = C:\Users\{username}" once again, and then be able to use the CloneApp backup that I just made (of the user and program settings from my external "Y" drive) and restore them to my cloned windows partition (on the same computer where the "Y" drive was once the "C" drive) and then end up with my user & programs settings from "Y" drive now being on my "C" drive?  Would this be a legitimate workaround for the problemed scenario that I described in my previous post here on the forum?  Also, when restoring the user and program settings from the backup I made (from the "Y" drive (having temporarily changed the windows environmental settings) would I need to change any additional settings in CloneApp for the restore (to the new "C" Windows partition) to work?  Thanks again. -Cfguy

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    17 October 2018, 23:47

    Good thinking! I assume it could break some things tho if even possible. I think the safest way would be to boot the system on the external drive (select manually boot drive on boot up) and do backup. Then boot the new system and restore. Other option would be to boot WTG/WinPE and assign drive letter C to external hdd. Do backup and then assign drive letter C to internal (new system) HDD and restore (or just boot normally and restore as main problem is backing up)

    17 October 2018, 16:55

    Help - I used Paragon HD Manager to restore an old virtual partition "C:\" drive back to the same desktop (when the current partition got messed up).  Problem is the old virtual partition is from July 2018, so some of my user and program settings are different.  I still have old hard drive, and can mount it as a USB drive in the newly restored system (with a different letter, like "W"), but how can I get CloneApp to copy my user and program settings from old hard drive (now "W" - current up until 2 days ago when the partition/boot got messed up) to my newly restored "C" drive (which has user and program settings back from July, 2018 when I performed the virtual backup, which I just reinstalled onto a new hard drive (now "C") on the same computer, which is now functioning well, except for the three month loss of my updated user and program settings)?  Is there a way for me to do this, and get my October user & program settings (now on USB-Mounted "W" drive) back on to my newly restored hard drive (now "C") with user & program settings from July (now slightly outdated)?  Please let me know.  Thanks so much for your help, and for creating such a wonderful program! :-) -Cfguy

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    16 October 2018, 12:37

    Hi Belim,

    the app didn't crash. Normal behaviour was that after
    confirming creation of personal app folder, folder would be created and app
    would restart (to reload plug-ins). The bug was that the folder wasn't created
    at all, then the app restarted to reload plug-ins (not a crash). This bug is
    now solved in build 266, the folder is created.

    The app still restarts to reload plug-ins which is
    not necessary. The only thing that changes is the plug-in list which could be
    refreshed with refresh call automatically or with manual refresh.


    Hope I'll exhaust my ideas for a little while after
    this :)

    [Feature] Plug-in manipulation in app

    Field in plug-in editor
    to change title of plug-in (filename) and
    button in context menu to "rename" (filename).
    Option to duplicate plug-in. Again in context menu.
    Option to create new empty plug-in in app
    (not completely empty file but with basic
    structure layout).
    "Save as new Plug-in" should save the edited
    Plug-in to the folder of currently visible list (e.g. My Apps or Plug-ins)
    automatically with prompt to rename (or name would be changed in editor as
    in "1)" and call refresh.
    The current "Save as new Plug-in"
    functionality should be under different button e.g. "Export as new


    [Feature] Cancel button in plug-in editor

    Before, I ment "cancel" button in addition
    to "Save" button, currently only option is ESC so just for the sake
    of completeness and convenience


    [Feature] Wildcards support in paths

    e.g. %appdata%\*\database.db*|outputfolder

    Or specific example: %appdata%\skype\*\Main.*db (this
    would backup all present accounts - currently this wouldn't work because of
    wildcard at the end, ideally it would create structure with multiple folders at
    the end for each user and each folder would contain single Main.db file)


    [Feature]  Stripping of illegal

    Strip all illegal characters in BackupFolder when
    using wilcards, so user doesn't have to specify custom output folder - this
    enabled previous feature to work


    [Feature] RegEx support in addition to wildcards (with specific
    parameter to enable it on each line)


    [Feature] Option to enable automatic temporary backup before restoring
    for troubleshooting

    Basically normal backup to separate folder and a
    button to clean it


    [Feature] Complete backups with specific configs

    Option to back up plug-in files of the backed up apps
    with the backup, same with apps selected.

    This way it's always possible to restore the backup
    even when it's separate from the CloneApp and it's data.


    [Feature] CMD Options

    Parameter to specify file with
    "apps selected"
    Parameter to specify folder with plug-ins
    Parameter to specify single archive, which would contain
    plug-in files to determine correct restore locations (as in Complete
    backups feature)


    [Other] Groups

    I have improved my groups solution.

    Now each group has own container for backups and own
    plug-ins (this way I  have
    most-up-to-date backups nicely organised and I can sync each backup separatedly
    to different location or create only archives of backups I want, e.g. I'd want
    to create archive of AppConfigs but not of GameSaves because of size, so don't
    want to have all backups in same folder). I can select onetime backup which
    creates new backup folder (deletes any existing and CloneApp creates it) and
    shows last selected group plug-ins. I can backup and switch group which prompts
    me if I want to delete the onetime backup already (the text is wrong now but
    it' y/n prompt), if I select NO I can backup to this folder with plug-ins from
    other group (or from whole plug-ins folder). On each backup I get prompt for 7z
    archival (archives are saved always to "BackupArchives" regardless of
    group selected). I can leave default value which archives backup as
    "CloneAppBackup %computername%_%username% %date%.7z" or I can write
    name which saves archive as "CloneAppBackup - Name" or ESC/cancel
    which cancels creation of archive. When I am done with onetime backup and I've
    backed up everything I want from as many groups as I want I don't cancel the
    prompt and create archive. Then after switching group I select YES to remove
    onetime backup folder (it's displayed only when "real" folder is
    present) and proper group backup folder is shown again.

    It's quite seamless (app restarts automatically to
    refresh), I only need to interact with one batch file to switch group and
    cancel/confirm prompt to create archive after each backup. There had to be one
    redundant batch to run vbs as I can't manage to run vbs directly from "7z
    compression field" so I compiled it, it's just simple prompt with 7z


    I provide full solution for demonstration and
    inspiration here:

    Password is SHA-1 of build 255 executable.

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    13 October 2018, 21:27

    [BUG] Version 2.05.255, Windows 7 (x64)
    When creating My Apps  folder trough the button in app, the app restarts but no folder is created.
    When folder is created manually the app loads it correctly.

    [Feature] Refresh button + F5 shortcut to reload Plug-ins/My Apps folder
    I've come up with a workaround for the groups of app lists. I've created a batch script with options to select group. Groups are stored in Data\Groups\ e.g. Data\Groups\Group_AppConfigs.
    First, the script simply removes any present "My Apps" link and after selecting option makes a symbolic link to the selected folder e.g.
    @mklink /D "My Apps" "Data\Groups\Group_AppConfigs" > nul && Echo Successful

    Some sample groups:
    [1] Apps  - Config Files        // UI setup and other preferences
    [2] Apps  - Data                    // e.g. chat history or main.db from skype
    [3] Games - Config Files     // preferences e.g. keybinds etc.
    [4] Games - Game Saves   // saved games and game profiles

    I imagine that exactly the same procedure could be used in the app, with simple dropdown menu to change group. Text files with lists of apps from plug-ins folder would be more efficient but copying of plug-ins is ok as folder size is not really worrying.
    Currently I can very efficiently switch groups but I have to restart app to reload the list. Refresh button would be very handy. (Now refresh is called only on plug-in import)

    [Feature] Parameter to not include sub-folders in BackupFolder, only files in top level

    I've noticed that now it's possible to basically backup single file or more files into custom output folder (which works around the problem with overwriting single files) by including * at the end e.g. 
    The wildcard at the end is not 100% ideal for all cases but it works and that counts.
    In the same manner "BackupFile | file | CustomOutput" could be implemented in the future.

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    Belim (Admin)
    15 October 2018, 16:58

    Hi Hiro,

    thank you very much for your suggestions.
    I've included with todays build 266 the "refresh" Plug-ins feature. Your request for an dropdown menu to switch between Application categories sounds nice. I will add this on my todo list :)
    Unfortunately I can not reproduce the App crash when creating an personal Apps folder on my Win10 x64-bit system. I will look into this on an Win7 x64-bit machine.

    .. with best wishes from Germany.

    08 October 2018, 10:54

    I came across a weird situation and I don't know if I found a bug or it is supposed to be like that. When I click 'Restore' after selecting apps which I want to restore the program automatically selects all the other apps and restores them all. In my opionion it should restore only selected apps and that's why I think it is a bug. If I'm mistaken, may I ask you to consider changing it?

    When this situation had happened to me I came across interesting idea. I would like to suggest a feature, which should be easy to implement, considering you have already implemented the restoring of data. It would be useful if CloneApp could reset the settings of apps. I mean deleting the files, which are listed in plugins.

    Please let me know, what do you think about this :)

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    Belim (Admin)
    08 October 2018, 17:06

    Hi Michal,

    yes, this is correct. CloneApp saves the settings of the last full Backup (including preselected Plug-ins) and retrieves all these settings when restoring the Application data (ONLY when taking a full Backup using the Backup/Restore button on the left Navigation panel). This settings were overwritten with every new full Backup. If you just want to Backup/Restore single App data, then right-click the Application and select the context-menu "Preview - Backup or Restore".

    I had that idea a very long time ago and its a very good one :). I was not completely excited about it yet. I'll think about it a second time :P

    Many thanks and

    05 October 2018, 20:22

    Unqiue concept. Many thanks for developing.

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    Belim (Admin)
    08 October 2018, 16:53

    Hi Johnston,

    thank you so much :)

    Regards from Germany.

    Brian B
    05 October 2018, 15:20

    Will this program back your Microsoft Office Templates? I couldn't find where it did it.


    Great program, by-the-way.

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    Belim (Admin)
    08 October 2018, 16:53

    Hello Brian,

    this feature is available in the Microsoft Office Plug-ins. Please enable the "Microsoft Office Word" Plug-in, to backup the Data of the mentioned path.

    Thank you.

    03 October 2018, 16:42

    It seems that currently absolute paths are not working correctly. Full
    path format as in "D:\...\.." would be very handy too. Also, would it be
    possible, as someone mentioned here already, to GET correct
    installation path from registry. This is very useful if apps are
    installed on different drive than default and the paths are non-default
    as well. E.g.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{47DF5665-4C7E-46A0-8993-B147CE0E5A36}\"InstallLocation"="D:\Program Files\Calibre2\"
    Get this correct path as variable and use it for backup. So we don't have to hard code plug-ins

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    01 October 2018, 20:12

    great app! I've a few suggestions for future versions.

    Custom output folder for single files. Currently if multiple files from
    different folder but with the same filename are backed up, they get
    overwritten and only last one is kept.
    2) Backup of single registry key opposed to backing up all keys in "folder"
    3) Cancel button in plug-in editor (ESC)
    4) Custom selection preset - saving selected apps as a preset which can be later used to instantly select apps in this preset
    Partial backup - sections in plug-in file which result in a list of
    checkboxes in app selection (maybe new pane between app list and
    description). Different sections can be (de)selected e.g. *all*,
    "bookmarks", "config", "themes", "addons" as opposed to creating
    multiple plug-ins e.g. "Firefox (bookmarks)", Firefox (addons)
    Groups - groups with different visible apps in the app list. Similiar
    to "personal plug-ins" folder but with multiple groups. Each folder
    under personal plug-ins could be considered new group with plug-in
    files. This would be redundant and better solution would be to just have
    single file for each group with a list of plug-in names included in
    that group.
    Most important example would be group for
    "Applications" and a group for "Games". Games would then be separated
    with sections for "settings" and "saves". This could be further improved
    to things like "backup this saves folder, but only # (e.g. 10) last
    modified files/subfolders"
    7) Backing up only if file is newer/different than backed up file

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    Belim (Admin)
    08 October 2018, 16:48

    Hi Hero,

    thanks for using CloneApp.
    Really appreciate the suggestions you gave, I will surely have my concern on these.
    Suggestion 3 is already available. The ESC key catches ONLY if the focus is on CloneApp.

    Kind regards

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